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       I developed several opportunities for you to learn more about the Grandview Laryngoscope Blade. Below is my written discussion about the blade, so you might start with that. I have also attached my power point slide presentation that I have used for lectures before. I plan to have this narrated soon, however, for now, you can see the illustrations and how the Grandview Blade greatly opens up the airway. The video is the “training” video I developed for new users for an ongoing research project. However, it shows you the basics of using the Grandview Blade and why it is different. I believe the key to using the Grandview is that you follow the slightly different technique. So watch the video and then practice on a manikin or cadaver before actual use.

- Written Article: see below:
- Power Point Slides: (attachment):  (pending)
- Training Video: (must go to to You Tube):  
Grandview Training Video



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