Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services


Early on, the Grandview Blade was found to be of great value and benefit for Emergency Medical Services and the Paramedic.  With its special design, it gives the Paramedic a very wide view of the larynx and vocal cords, making it easier to intubate in an uncontrolled setting. 

It is 80% wider, it has a curvature that conforms better to the airway, and much brighter light. 

Also, the blade doesn’t require any manipulation and only needs to be inserted straight over the tongue. 

There is no need to set up any special equipment, such as video equipment.  Simply keep the Grandview Blade on the regular handle, and it is ready to go for almost every patient. 

It is being utilized in dozens of EMS Units through out the country with great success.

Below is just a couple testimonials of its great success.

EMS Experience:  

Ripon Fire Department (California):

"Utilizing the new GRANDVIEW Blades...our success rate has increased from 72% to 95%!" .  Some of this success can be attributed to training, but it is without question that the Grand View blades have also accounted for our significant increase in success.  Our paramedics now exclusively use the Grand View Laryngoscope Blade.”


EMS Chief

Ripon Fire District

Lake Villa (Illinois) Rescue: 

“The Grandview laryngoscope blades have quickly become our first-line laryngoscope device. We now have them directly attached to each blade handle in our ET kits after noting improvements in our ET success rates, since the inception of using the Grandview blades as an option.”

Deputy Chief/ Medical Officer

Lake Villa Rescue Squad



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