Research & References:

Original Research:

Kelley, M,, “Laryngoscope Blade Review (Correspondence)”, Am J EM. 2008; 26;8: 952-955.
“…this study did show that the Grandview blade provides improved airway visualization and improved ease of intubation than the Macintosh and the Miller blades.”

EMS Experience:

Ripon Fire Department (California)
"Utilizing the new GRANDVIEW Blades...our success rate has increased from 72% to 95%!" .

Lake Villa (Illinois) Rescue:
The GV blades have quickly become our first-line laryngoscope device… after noting improvements in our ET success rates, since the inception of using the GV Blades…


“Technology and Inventions – New Laryngoscope Blade”, Emergency Medicine News, p35, Sept. 2011.

Schneider, CN, “Letters – Airway Management”, Emergency Medicine News, p4, August 2011.

“New Concept in Oral Intubation”, Technology & Inventions, Emergency Med News 2004; 26; 10: 73.

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